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freakin' citizens bank!

July 8th, 2009 at 04:25 am

My only credit account right now is through them, and unfortunately it's a pretty large balance that we havn't come to yet in the debt pay-off. I got a letter in the mail saying they are raising my interest rate due to the 'economy'?! My rate would jump from 12.99% to 17.99%. I always pay my bills on time, obviously they are getting my money. I called them up and told them that it was unacceptable. Thankfully they kept the rate the same without even having to speak to a manager. Sheisters!! I can't wait to be out of credit card debt forever.

Debt #1 is GONE!

June 12th, 2009 at 04:41 am

Well, we got paid today and I was able to pay off our $700.00 best buy card, with $400.00 leftover to go into savings!! I am super excited that the plan is working. I am even more excited that I have one less bill to remember to pay every month. I have a feeling we will be doing a little more spending this month (very busy with company) then usual but we still met our goal of paying off a debt.


May 11th, 2009 at 08:23 am

We had a very productive weekend. Got the rest of the wood stacked and cleared where the new septic is going to go. We also got the chain link dog fence moved out of the way (not fun when the posts are cemented in). Tonight we have to move some of our driveway edging and it will be ready to go! Can't wait for it to be over. I've already paid $5.96 of spare change onto the loan Smile
I think that minus gas this week, we can make it through with little to no extra spending. There are no trips into town planned as I got the staples yesterday. That helps Big Grin

Blog Entry numero uno

May 6th, 2009 at 08:06 am

So it began....I have decided after having read others blogs on www.savingadvice.com for the past month that I should start my own, and document our getting out of debt journey. It's been a long and bumpy road that We started with our bonues check in March. We paid off $1,600.00 in Credit card debt and a $3,400.00 student loan. Wow did that feel great. To date: we have $950.00 owed on a flat panel T.V., $1,000.00 owed on a hospital bill that are our next goals...eventually moving on to $8,400.00 for our wedding, $6,000.00 for our new septic, and $9,000.00 in student loans. Eventually we will tackle my SUV payment and mortgage...but those will come with time. Wish me luck!