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Lost track of the cash

July 7th, 2009 at 08:26 am

Well this month we totally lost track of what money was spent out of which envelopes, and half are empty and we can't figure out where it went. This is where holiday weekends get us when we aren't home enough for me to cook and organize. On the bright side, we had saved a few extra hundred last month we will have to use towards gas and groceries. Not that big of deal I suppose.
We get paid on Friday, and tomorrow I am sending out the pay-off check for our Medical bill. One more debt off the list! These first two were our easiest. I'm sad to say the others will all take quite awhile. But we will keep chipping away at it.
August we have some big expenses coming up. Our SUV needs new tires for inspection and I really need to start buying materials for a horse barn so I can move them home before November.
Sometimes I can't help but wonder if it is better to just save save save and pay off each debt all at once? It seems like it would happen quicker. I don't know where that logic comes from though. Our next debt to tackle is our CC. We are skipping the septic for now as we are trying to claim it on our title insurance. We should get a hefty chunk if it goes through.

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